'88 White Cement / by JP Calubaquib

My recent pick-up: Jordan 3 "White Cement '88"

I got these this past weekend while I was shooting MSX 4 in Chicago (recap comes tomorrow).  Catching deals at sneaker conventions aren't hard.  You get to chop it up with the seller and work with them with their prices, for the most part.  Luckily, I've signed myself up to shoot sneaker conventions for the next month and I get to link with these sellers on a somewhat regular basis.  I was originally looking for a pair of Black Cement 3s but I couldn't find any for the right price/condition. Then I came across these. I was short of the asking price but the seller had no problem helping me out.  

It's great that I can cross another sneaker off my list. This is such a simple shoe yet I love them. Shout out to the guys over at Grail City Chicago for hooking me up!