BEDROC - Bored of Education / by JP Calubaquib

I might as well be spoon feeding you guys great up and coming hip-hop on this one.  ”Hey JP, is this a 14-track mixtape that is actually good from start to end?”  F*ck yeah.  Download it and judge for yourself:

BEDROC - Bored of Education (via HotNewHipHop)

I know it seems like I’m biased because I do assistant work for the group but I should start advertising that I don’t work for anything unless I find promise in it.  When I get back from my trip this weekend for the group’s mixtape release party, I will post, for 14 days (2 weeks for the dingle berries), one song from the mixtape and give it a review.  #nojoke

-A Session With J.P.