/ by JP Calubaquib

Entourage Season 8: Extended Trailer (HBO) (by HBO)

As a huge Entourage fan, I am entitled to say that I am very much so excited for this final season.  I am a little curious what this 8 episode season will have in store but this trailer gets me pretty pumped.  I know some people are weary of the release due to last season’s turn of events.  These people should know that this show is an account for Mark Wahlberg’s life and not an opportunity to show the happiest of stories.  It makes me upset when people complain about how they didn’t like it because the inability to recognize the plot is straight ignorance.  Either way, I say f*ck the haters and test the show out for yourself.  If anyone wants to have an Entourage marathon one Saturday where we can drink all day, let me know!

-A Session With J.P.

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