VSCO Grid / by JP Calubaquib

Preface: I've been editing my iPhone photos with the VSCO app for about a year and realized I was a click away from setting up my grid months ago *slaps forehead*

For photographers, mobile photography is a great, yet annoying aspect to our craft.  It's great that I don't have to miss certain photographic opportunities as long as my phone is charged.  The annoying part: anyone who owns a phone with a camera - no matter the megapixels its lens has - thinks they are the next Annie Leibovitz.  Sorry sir, your use of the "Valencia" IG filter paired with the HDR function of your phone's camera makes me want to vomit all over my iScreen.

Since the birth of Instagram, mobile users submit themselves to posts of selfies, newest purchases or food.  As I may be guilty of those infractions, I'd like to think I share a better variety of subjects through my iPhone's camera and editing apps.

In comes VSCO.  Visual Supply Co. is better known for its Adobe Lightroom presets among the photography community but its mobile app has recently become more prevalent among mobile shooters in the consumer market.  

The filter capabilities within the app are practically endless.  Between the presets and the functionality of adjusting said presets provides yet another photographic tool to my arsenal of digital photography.

If you have the VSCO app, follow my grid for a slew of photos that may or may not make it to my Instagram.  If you don't have the VSCO app, please only download it if you choose to supplement your photography with proper editing techniques.

I can only handle so many sepia-toned duck faces.